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What groundwork is needed before my garden room can be built?

We need you to have cleared the base area and surrounding working space. We’ll explain what needs to be done so there’s no guessing required.

When will my garden room be delivered?

Generally, we can deliver your garden room in 4-6 weeks from order placement, and we’ll keep you up to date with the progress and of any changes if they do happen.

What kind of foundations do your garden rooms use?

We normally use ground screws or concrete piles. If these aren’t appropriate for your garden, our construction team will use an alternative. If you already have a base in place, we might be able to build on that if you’re confident it will be strong enough.

Is my garden room portable?

Unfortunately no, as they’re built on foundations our garden rooms are too sturdy to be moved should you want to rearrange your garden, so think carefully about your layout before committing to anything - our consultants can help you there!

Can I get a garden room delivered overseas?

We’re afraid not, we currently only install them in mainland UK. anything - our consultants can help you there!

What happens at my onsite consultation?

Our design consultant will visit you at home, usually beginning in the garden. They’ll take a look at the space and discuss what size of garden room will fit in your garden. They’ll also think about access and arrange for any other quotations that are needed. The consultant will also be able to explain how we build, discuss likely timescales, and steer you through the options at your disposal. They’ll also probably eat a lot of your biscuits, so maybe hide the bourbons.

Is my garden room liveable?

As they’re installed under permitted development rights, you can’t live in them without applying for Building Regulation compliance and planning permission, which we don’t currently offer. biscuits, so maybe hide the bourbons.

Can I have a bespoke design?

Yes we offer a completely bespoke service, but the designs we do offer come with lots of opportunities for customization and characterization, so your garden room can be perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Question

Planning permission is usually required for larger construction projects. Adding an external office or studio pod to your garden, or special learning space to your playground would usually not require extensive planning. All you need to establish is:


That the building is no higher than 2.5m from the bottom of the building to the top of the roof (Most of our Smartpods fit within these limits but please contact us to find out more or download a brochure)
That you do not take up more than 50% of your garden area with this or any other buildings
It is not to be used for living or sleeping accommodation*

*Essentially, this means that so long as the purpose of the building is incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling and not used as a permanent living or sleeping accomodation you should be fine to build without additional permissions.

Additionally, as long as you don’t add a building that is too tall, or used as sleeping accommodation, you can avoid having to go through the planning permission process. For building height, you need to make sure that:


You are not allowed an outbuilding which projects forward of the front elevation of the original house.
Any outbuilding must be single-storey and have a maximum eaves height of no more than 2.5 metres. The maximum overall height must not be more than 4 metres if a dual pitched roof is specified, or 3 metres for any other roof

Building regulations focus on three key areas;

What is the use?

What is the size of the building?

Where is the building located?

These simple questions determine if your build needs specific permission or not. Elite Pods buildings are generally designed to meet building regulations, however, the majority of our customers do not need to meet them. Nevertheless, your circumstances may be different so if you are buying a Elite Pods then you should familiarize yourself with UK building regulations.

If your home is a listed building, it has been rated of national importance in terms historic or architectural interest. Listed buildings feature on a register called the List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/ . The rules around listed buildings, mean that any garden building or outbuilding that is to be placed within the curtilage of a listed building will require planning permission.

There are additional matters to consider if your home is located on designated land, eg. national parks, the Broads, World Heritage Sites, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and conservation areas. If your home is within a national park, World Heritage Site, the Broads or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty then you need to obtain planning permission unless the garden building is less than 10m2 and at least 20m away from any wall of your home. If your home is within a national park, World Heritage Site, the Broads, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or a conservation area, then you may not construct a garden room to the side of your home without obtaining planning permission.

Typically we will need a pedestrian path (1m wide X 2m high) to access the location. Our design consultant can assess the access at your onsite consultation and will advise if there is anything we might need changing. But don’t worry, we’re quite adaptable!

Of course you can! We can run external grade CAT 6 network cable from your house router to the garden room. This will usually follow the same route as your main power cable – we can quote for this after your free design consultation.

As standard, our buildings come with a pre-finished surface that does not require painting or a panelised finish that can be painted to the colour of your choice. Alternatively, we can provide a plasterboard surface that can be finished by you if you prefer.

Our Pod buildings are designed to last for at least 20 years and come with a 10-year structural guarantee. It’s important that you maintain the cladding on your room.

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